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choose an option that suits your needs

each journey is different and unique.

no matter the choice, know that i will help guide you through the journey without judgement or imposing bias. 

my role is to give you evidence-based information that will put you in a comfortable position to make an informed choice.

the choices are never mine to make. I hope to uplift you to feel confident in your choices in life.

everyone deserves support.

  • payment plans available

  • a la carte pricing available


$1250 offering

  • emotional & physical support

  • evidence-based education to help eliminate fear

  • 2 prenatal visits (virtual available)

  • on call from 38-42 weeks (4 weeks total)*

  • continuous labor support until completion 

  • initial feeding support

  • advocacy of birth plan

  • massage techniques

  • partner support

  • unlimited access to me for those 3AM nights when you need an unbiased listener

  • custom crocheted item (beanie&blanket)

  • postpartum kit for initial homecoming

  • 1 postpartum visit in the first 2 weeks 

    • unpacking birth

    • feeding info

    • a shoulder to lean on

  • resources and referrals (if necessary)

* on-call time can be shifted to 37-41 weeks depending on each client's needs. a 5th week is available for an additional fee


$1500 offering

  • everything under light

  • access to lending library (books, exercise ball, evidence based birth® handouts)

  • 3 additional prenatal visits

    • meals offered

    • advocacy at appointments (if necessary)

    • nursery assistance

    • home prep for postpartum

    • sibling support

  • birth timeline scrapbook

  • 2 additional postpartum visits

  • additional custom crocheted item (jacket and matching beanie)


$120 offering per 3 hour visit x min 3 hours

  • assistance with infant feeds

  • promote parental rest (time for naps, showers, bonding with sibling)

  • light housework (laundry, bottle cleanings, pet support)

  • meals to promote healing

  • unpacking birth

  • sibling support

  • referrals, if necessary


$500 offering

9pm-7am x min 10 hrs

  • infant feeds, burps, and changes

  • sleep promotion

  • if solely breastfeeding, i will bring your infant as needed and let you rest after the feeding.

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