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doula. mental health advocate. feeler of all feelings.
body autonomy advocate. positive discipline. fearlessly authentic.
i am 30 years old and i currently reside in the lehigh valley of pennsylvania. i am a childfree auntie.  which gives me the time and space to live my life serving others.

i was called to this work the summer before i began high school. wild, right? i had no idea what our bodies went through before a baby arrived. i was honored to bear witness of my loved one laboring her first child. i was intrigued and frightened, to say the least! after that experience, i told myself that i wanted to catch babies!

when i was 19, i began my certified nursing assistant, cna journey. this is where i honed my skills of being empathetic and meeting people where they are to help them go where they want to be. in february of 2021, i was blessed to transfer to the labor and delivery department. witnessing births lit a fire in me. i couldn't wait to catch babies one day. i kept seeing a pattern of fear and anxiety in my peers. the lack of education of our bodies and the birth process wasn't something that only scared 14 year old me; most women in my community struggled with understanding what was happening. the labor room is not a time or place to be uninformed, yall!

the more I reflect on my life, i've always been a doula. i am the person that people lean into when they are scared, lonely and frightened. i have experience with pregnancy interruption, advocacy at doctor appointments, hanging out with littles while parents are home (just to give them a much needed break), that one time my friend was passing clots at 4am! & i spent four months being a death doula to one of my favorite women who passed of cancer after a fierce 4+ year battle. 

i show up when i am called upon. it's how i prove my love. unfortunately, not everyone can rely on people in their village to be there for them without question, bias or judgement. i want to step up and fill that void. so here we are!

let me be a part of your village. i will be your cheerleader, confidante, and fierce advocate. i'll be whatever you need in the moment. it is my superpower. i am not one to pretend that i have all the answers. i will find the answer because i love being a resource of knowledge for my village. i want people to make informed choices. nothing makes me happier than someone being confident in what they choose to do! 

everyone deserves support! so, it is your time to

credit to @rachelperiphoto
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American Heart Association - Basic Life Support certified through 12/2023

DONA-approved birth doula training (Heart Soul Birth Pros by Jessica English) December 3-6 2021

Birthing Advocacy Doula Training (BADT) Full Spectrum Doula training - September 2021

Racism & Privilege in Birthwork Part I through BADT


DONA International - Professional member through 11/2023

Evidence Based Birth®  Professional Member

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